MS4 Me version 3.0 Released   Discrete Event Systems Specification (DEVS) Modeling Environment

The new MS4 Me version 3.0 with revolutionary features including Markov Modeling capability is released. The MS4 Me is a powerful DEVS-based environment for design, development, and implementation of IT-integrated systems of systems. MS4 Me is implemented with Eclipse RCP technology providing easy-to-use sequence diagram, natural language interface, and System Entity Structure ontology features.

MS4 Me version 3.0 with Markov Modeling Facility  Markov Modeling Tools

Markov Modeling facility in MS4 Me offers an easy-to-use set of tools to develop Markov models

  • as full-fledged DEVS models
  • able to be integrated with other DEVS models
  • makes it much easier to develop probabilistic/stochastic DEVS models
  • automated a lot of the development tasks otherwise done manually

Raises the power of model development to a new level of speed and confidence

Unparalleled in all other commercial and academic tools on the market

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MS4 Me

MS4 Me features use of the DEVS and System Entity Structure in easy-to-use-form for model development and simulation management. Learn more..
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MS4 Model Store

MS4 Model Store makes it easy for modelers to exchange DEVS models and for developers to collaborate across web. Learn more... browse model store

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MS4 Model Player

MS4 Model Player downloads models from Model Store, runs simulations, and visualizes results. Easy to use and organize models. Learn more...

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Markov Model Tutorial Videos



Download Markov model codes for the Healthcare tutorial videos here

Download Markov model codes for the Reliability concepts tutorial video here

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